Testimony: Once my hair started growing back, it was growing back in thin. I started using this hair serum, a couple of drops in different places over my scalp every other day. Within two weeks, I started noticing not only my hair was getting thicker, it looked a lot healthier with less breakage. It's easy to use without extra maintenance. And the thing I love most is it's made from natural organic oils.
-Kisha T.

Having trouble with hair growth or dry scalp? Lavish Hair Oil is here to help!Use this 30ml bottle however you would like but I will give recommendations.Use 30 mins before you wash your hair or use after you wash your hair before drying. PLEASE READ INGREDIENTS: MAIN INGREDIENTS ARE- Castor oil, Hazelnut oil, Rosehip seed oil, Jojoba oil, & Burdock Root oil. Please contact me if you need FULL ingredients list in case of allergies. Show us your hair growth journey by tagging us on IG @amblavish_








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